"Prevention is better than Cure"

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The keys to optimal health reside in the integration of early PREVENTion, DETECTion, TREATment and REVERSal of age-related health decline.


Do you feel like conventional medicine has left you behind?

Has your care provider told you to accept your age-related symptoms?

Do you feel like you are taking too many medications?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we invite you to contact us for more information- let our 30 years plus experience in individualized functional, regenerative, and longevity medicine help you get back on track to reclaiming your health and wellness! 

Dr. Ted Piliszek, an expert diagnostician, is amongst the most experienced in this field.

We also offer other services such as general medicine, corporate influenza vaccinations, industrial medicine, DOT Driver certification and employment exams. 


Don't settle for the rest, come see the best!