If you are over the age of 30 and have symptoms such as:

• Foggy Thinking
• Loss of Energy
• Inability to Control Weight
• Loss of Libido
• Hot Flashes or Night Sweats

then you may be a potential candidate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and possible autologous stem cell therapy. 

The benefits of hormone replacement therapy are often dramatic and unique in that they may slow the aging process, but in many cases, actually reverse damage previously incurred.


What is the difference between Bio-identical hormones and Synthetic or Traditional Hormones?
Bio-identical Hormones replicate the hormones that are naturally produced by the body. Although both Synthetic and Bio-identical hormones are created in labs, synthetic hormones are not structurally identical to the hormones naturally created in your body, while bioidentical hormones are an exact match to human hormones molecule by molecule.

Is BHRT Usage common?
Yes. As awareness of BHRT grows, the number of people on BHRT and the number of physicians recommending it is growing rapidly.

What kinds of dosage forms are available with BHRT?
Bio-identical hormones are now available and can be compounded into any delivery form desired. Topical creams and gels, vaginal creams and buccal lozenges are all being used.


What tests are required to determine dosage strength?
Some doctors do not utilize testing, but it’s important to analyze your blood/urine or salivary hormone levels at least twice yearly to optimize treatment.


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