Pre/Post Stem Cell Treatment
PRE Stem Cell Treatment

Before harvesting your own stem cells, you want your lungs, heart, kidneys, and other organ systems at their peak optimum healthy levels. Digestion, absorption and assimilation of your vitamins and minerals should be normal as well.  A healthy body, given the right healthy cells, can heal itself.  This is the importance behind harvesting the stem cell in a healthy state.

An organic, balanced diet with the inclusion of vitamin and mineral supplements, exercise and restful sleep is extremely important before the extraction of your stem cells.  This helps improve the multiplication of the cells once extracted.  Storing the cells, also known as banking, at a younger age is found to be more beneficial, efficient, and active than an older cell since the absorption decreases over time and the amount of viable cells decrease.
After harvesting the healthy stem cell, they are stored in a preserved cryogenic suspended state until they are ready for use.
Transplanting the banked stem cells then can be used when the body needs treatment from a comorbidity like a degenerative disease, illness or an accident in the future.
POST Stem Cell Treatment
After the stem cell treatment, a patient should strive to follow a healthy diet, proper vitamin, mineral and nutriceutical supplementation, and beneficial exercise on a regular basis in order to encourage the growth and enhance the effect of the stem cells during the recovery process.  IV Vitamin and Glutathione Therapy may also be complimentary support to help cleanse toxins and infuse vitamins and minerals in the bloodstream in order to increase viable stem cell production.
Dr. Ted will determine if you will benefit from this type of treatment through specialized laboratory testing, reviewing your past and current medical and nutritional history and listening to your issues of concern.  If you are interested in more information, please give our office a call or click Contact Us and fill out our form and one of our friendly staff members will contact you soon.