World Wellness Research

World Wellness Research evolved out of a need for bringing professional, like-minded individuals together for the same purpose-- informing and treating the patient as a whole and not a sum of its parts.  This comprehensive and preventive model can be applied to any individual to diagnose, prevent, treat and reverse comorbidities before they manifest permanently.

Dr. Ted is in constant research with the most up to date evidence-based clinical medicine while investigating the interactions of metabolic, hormonal, and nutritional influences on human degenerative diseases as they affect aging and life-span.  Currently, his focus is on the manner that the epigenome influences nutrigenomic expressions in the
aging human population.

Human longevity has increased remarkably in the last two hundred years. Life expectancy has doubled from about 40 to more than 80 years. As medicine focuses and investigates the reasons for the phenomenon, more evidence of a multi factorial nature for human aging is emerging. By studying long-lived human populations and their life styles, environment and diet, the scientific basis for their good health is beginning to be understood. The recent elucidation of the human genome points the way towards the most significant influences, which affect health span and longevity. Specifically, the effect of chronic inflammation of the vascular system and bodily tissues as a cause of degenerative conditions such as cardiac disease, diabetes mellitus, dementia and cancer may well explain the evolution of human longevity.